About ME

I discovered yoga in a period of massive change where finally I found myself grounding back into the yoga mat. Moved by my curiosity, I undertook my first yoga teacher training simply to deepen my knowledge both spiritually and physically. After completing the course, I immediately started teaching to absolve the desire to share with others the benefits that yoga brought into my life, hoping that others could experience the same in their life too.

I continued to deepen my studies of life and yoga attending Level1 and 2 trainings with Baron Baptiste and over the last years, I expanded my knowledge attending workshops with many teachers such as Kathryn Budig, Tiffany Cruikshank, Annie Carpenter, Rocky Heron and Noah Mazè just to name a few. I also supplemented my studies with a Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga teacher training with Uma Dinsmore and a Yin Yoga and meridians teacher training with Annie Au. But the journey as a student never ends.

In the last years I taught in Italy, Switzerland and Netherlands in lots of yoga studios, companies, public events and to athletes, making yoga accessible to everyone.Besides giving regular classes I am the lead teacher in multiple Teacher Training Programs in The Netherlands and Switzerland.

My mantra is “let it be” – this means living a life without attachment to fully exist in the present moment. Allowing people, situations, yourself just being as they are and, instead of using energy to try to change them, to focus into our actions to plant seeds for happiness in all its meanings.