about yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a fluid and dynamic style that brings you from one position to another with the rhythm of your breath.

Find power, flexibility, balance and strength of body and mind with this practice. You will leave your mat with an amazing sensation of lightness and openness to new possibilities.

You will just need your breath and the desire to discover what you already have inside.

Pregnancy Yoga

The period of pregnancy is one of the most important moments in a woman’s life and thanks to yoga can be experienced in a more positive, relaxed way and with a sense of joy and acceptance.
Through breathing (pranayama), positions (asanas) and deep relaxation mums will have a great opportunity to prepare mind and body for motherhood.
The concentration in breathing is important to cultivate relaxation and to deliver a better childbirth.
The Asanas help the body to feel a sense of well being in a moment of great physical change, also they stretch muscles, improve posture and back pains are alleviated.
Yoga is a wonderful opportunity to feel more in touch with your body and your baby and giving to you both unconditional love with every breath!

Mum&Baby Yoga - Postnatal

The postpartum period brings amazing changes but it also require acceptance and awareness.
At the same time, it is a moment where build a relationship with your child creating joy and love.
In this classes, thanks to the practice of yoga, mums can reconnect with their body in a gentle and kind way.
Yoga is a great tool to help relieving tension and little pains, build energy but also dedicate moments of deep relaxation and complicity with the little ones.
The lessons are suitable for all mothers and their little children, with or without yoga experience.

There aren’t levels or expectations but it is a space where let positivity and harmony grow.