Pre Teacher Training Program

50hrs. program

Starts in July at Tula Yoga studios Amsterdam www.tulayogastudios.nl

Yoga Development Training program

This 50hrs program is for everybody who wants to take the next step in their yoga practice.

This is the perfect training to set the foundations before doing the 200 hours yoga teacher training. In the regular yoga classes we do not always have enough time to dive deeper into a particular subjects. Most classes are just 75 minutes and this time frame is too short to elaborate on subjects as meditation, pranayama or meditation. We need more time to guide you though these practices and most important of all, we need more time to explain and truly explore.

If you are a regular yogi or if you are thinking of doing a yoga teacher training, then this program is for you! The yoga style of our focus is that of Vinyasa, however, the tools gained will be transferable to many styles of yoga.

content of the program

During this program we will explore all the different aspects of yoga and we will dive deep into specific subjects. We will cover things which we cannot cover in a regular yoga class due to the lack of time. This is your chance to learn everything you need to know about yoga.

Subjects which we will cover are:

○ The practice of Vinyasa Yoga
○ The families of asanas through the study of the main asanas and alignments
○ Asanas modifications and how to adapt them according to your body and your needs
○ Different breathing techniques – pranayama –
○ How to be present through meditation to stay in the here and now
○ The philosophy of yoga through the study of the 8 limbi as from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
○ The knowledge of yourself through journaling and reflection exercises

This is a great program to deepen your own yoga practice and a great program to do as a preparation for a Yoga Teacher Training.


The course is designed for all students of any level who feel the desire to take an in-depth path that can make them more aware of the profound aspects of the practice. If you are considering joining a yoga teacher training to become a teacher, this course will provide you with the essential and fundamental knowledge that will allow you to start that path with greater confidence and awareness.


This course will help you to understand the connection between the physical part of yoga, the energetic aspects and the philosophical teachings so that you’ll be able to integrate them into your own personal practice.


In these 50 hours you’ll have the chance to understand the essence of the yoga practice in order to bring with you its benefits not only in your next journey on the yoga mat but also to integrate the yoga practice into your everyday life.


4 weekends | 50hrs.
July : 27, 28
August : 3, 4 | 10, 11 | 17 & 18

Time: 10.00 – 17.00hrs including 1 hour lunch break
Location: Tula Bos en Lommer


Regular Rate: €800


If you have more questions write to me or at  hello@tulayogastudios.nl