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Morning Vinyasa Slow Flow

A 40 minutes Vinyasa Yoga class.

Patanjali says if we practice contentment (Santosha) and acceptance for where we are right now and what we can do right now, we will find joy.
It is an invitation to enjoy the journey appreciating the present moment for what is is.
In our yoga practice Santosha is about accepting what we perceive as a limitation and celebrate it.
“ Accept everything about yourself. You are you and that is the beginning and the end – no apologies, no regrets.” Clark Moustakas.
This is the theme of  this overall body practice, so we will focus into the whole body. A flow that will make you feel complete and content.

Do you want to practice this class?

Send me an email here  with the subject “Santosha vinyasa class” and I will send you the info and credentials to access the video.