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Hanumanasana flow Vinyasa class

A 40 minutes Vinyasa Yoga class.

This class is about Hanumanasana, Monkey pose or Full split pose so the flow will target the hip extensors muscles – the glutes and hamstrings – and hip flexors.
There are many stories referred to the Monkey-God Hanuman but the one that I prefer speaks about him going beyond his fears of not being good enough, saving Sita, the wife of Rama a man-God who Hanuman was devoted to, that was kidnapped by the Evil-King Ravana.
Long story short, in this story Hanuman represent us in those moments where we have forgotten our true nature and potential but it teachers us that if we trust in our power we can leap wherever we want.
Are you ready to trust your potential and take a leap?

Do you want to practice this class?

Send me an email here  with the subject “Hanumanasana flow” and I will send you the info and credentials to access the video.