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Ahimsa Vinyasa Flow Class

A 45 minutes Vinyasa Yoga class.

The focus of this online class are BACKBENDS and the intention is to create space in our heart center area to cultivate Ahimsa.
In Yoga Philosophy Ahimsa is often translated as “non violence” or “ non harming” and it is about give up hostility and make space within our consciousness for peace.
But practicing Ahimsa starts with ourselves just by noticing the negativity of our thoughts: a form of violence itself.
During this practice let’s try to master our negativity creating space for unconditional love.
Let’s start on our mat and then bring it into our life off the mat.

Do you want to practice this class?

Send me an email here  with the subject “Ahimsa vinyasa class” and I will send you the info and credentials to access the video.